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逛過後覺得超歡樂的! 裡面的許多內容和註解都很搞笑!

例一:"Female Autobots? I thought they were extinct."
— Shockwave obviously hasn't kept up to date on Cybertron's Discovery Channel.

例二:"Yes, you're definitely on my replacement list, Starscream... Hahaha, she's everything I've always wanted!"
— Megatron. Aw, all he wanted was some love.

例三:"Starscream, lower the drawbridge! Uh, I got your stupid potassium nitrate!"
—Rumble, carrying a pot of bird droppings while also covered in same.

例四:Also, the Autobots adapt to being human REALLY easily. Other than Springer needing a shave, there's very little attention paid to the new problems with suddenly being biological. Shouldn't the Autobots have problems understanding such concepts as going to the bathroom, and breathing? Then again, that stuff veers into uncomfortable territory. This is a children's show after all.
— Season 3 episode 23 reviews.

例五:"Somebody's gotta get us back to Cybertron, Prime. I never thought the end would come like this."
—Bumblebee, dying from Cosmic Rust and apparently wanting to destroy his home planet.

例六:Can you imagine being ten years old, going to the movie theatre, and, on the big screen, witnessing the beating and death of Santa Clause? That's what this was like!!!
— The Movie reviews.

.....等等等! 嘎哈哈哈哈哈~~~!! XD

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